About me

The creator of these models am I, Dan Butiri, company owner and sole employee of BUTIRI Inteh S.R.L.

I am a mechanical engineer and I have 28 years of experience in designing mechanisms, devices and machines for light and heavy industry. I am a specialist in industrial high pressure water cleaning, licensed by a German company whom I represented in Romania.
Until 2003 I used to work for other companies.

In 2003 I decided start my own company and create my own products.
The idea was to avoid common products, which other companies already produced and sold and for which you have to constantly come up with new sales tricks. I needed to create my own niche, which would stand out through quality and novelty. Being fond of mechanics and toys, I came up with the concept for these handcrafted, wooden truck replicas.

I chose a very generous theme and at the same time a great challenge. I have decided to create a completely new product, with a totally different concept as to what the market had to offer, a product that would bring more satisfaction to the buyer, to amaze and to excite.

I established two objectives that were going to assure the uniqueness of my product:

  • all the components can be disassembled/assembled
  • the highest number of functional elements allowed by the characteristics of the construction

Once the design was completed, I moved on to the construction. I started purchasing hand tools, according to the operations I was executing. I didn't have any experience in working with wood and I was driven only by my technical instincts. I couldn't consult with others because my approach of the concept was completely different to those of professional carpenters.

I chose the assembly with chipboard screws, in it's utmost rigorous execution, with flat head screws. On one hand the assembly needed to be sturdy in order to withstand repeated actions, and on the other hand the wooden components had to be delicate and elegant. The size of the screws imposes the representation size of some components, but I managed to fluently integrate them in the overall design.

Assembling each model requires over 400 manual operations, in a well defined order and which take a lot of time and concentration.
I have overcome a lot of difficulties, I experimented with many solutions and in the and I managed to reach the objectives I set out to achieve.

Finally, at the end of 2009 I can offer the first three models which I hope will bring you much joy and happiness.