I, Dan Butiri, guarantee that all replicas are made by myself and are handcrafted, in Romania.

The models are built after the order is received. You can order using the form on the contact page. After receiving the payment, build time will take up to 8 weeks. The precise delivery time will be communicated by e-mail once the order is received.

Shipping and payments:

Shipping is done by DHL Express courier. Knowing the destination address, DHL can bill the transport according to the package size. The shipping cost is supported by the client. The transport cost for the Army Truck having the package size 74x45x34cm (29.1x17.7x13.3 in), is $613 for USA or Canada and takes two working days.
For Europe you can choose between DHL Economy Select which costs €193 and takes 2-7 working days or DHL Express which costs €428 and takes one day.
We will only ship to PayPal confirmed addresses.

All local taxes in the destination country will be supported by the buyer.

Payment is made using the secure service PayPal by e-mail. The PayPal service guarantees full cash refund if we fail to deliver. After filling in the order form on the website, you will receive a PayPal invoice by e-mail which contains the product price, transport price and total price. If you don't already have a PayPal account, you will have to create one on the PayPal website.

Once PayPal confirms the payment it takes 8-10 weeks for building the model and shipping it by DHL Express. During this time I can periodically update you on the build status.

If the client requests the customization with a certain logo, I have the right to use that logo and company name on the Wooden Trucks Transylvania website for presenting my work. The logo is executed according to the client's specifications and is paid extra.


I assure you that all information about my clients is strictly confidential. This information will never by available to third parties.

I reserve the right to modify the design of the products without any previous notification. Any modifications will appear on the website.

Using these products in normal conditions for which they were conceived, there is no risk for the user.
Knowing this, when you buy the product you agree that I have no responsibility for any accidents or injuries caused by these replicas, and that all responsibility falls on the buyer/user of the product.

Return pollicy:

We don't offer cash refunds, because when you buy one of my products, you buy an art work.

I am not responsible for the damages caused during shipping. If the package is damaged in a way that the product inside would be affected, please notify this on the shipping form in the presence of the shipping company's employee. Notify me within 24 hours in order to support your claim for replacing the product. Keep the original package, don't throw it away.

If your model has suffered damage over time, you can send it back for repairs, which will be payed extra.

As a caution measure for objects assembled with screws, it is recommended that you visually check the assembly every six months, especially in the area of moving parts. If it is required, tighten the loose screws.